Bret Truchan

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

December 2014 - November 2015

Engineering Manager

3os Inc

Dual role of lead developer and engineering manager for "3os" (Order of Operations). Hired and managed three developers and a graphic designer. Collaborated with the founder to ensure realistic goals and successfully produced an MVP within a tight budget.

November 2005 - July 2014

Lead web developer

Graphic Language, Inc

Technologies: PHP, Zend, Javascript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, XML, ...

Led the development of Graphic Language's SmartBUILDER Suite, a collection of web applications for lead management, email marketing, and website content management. Programmed back-end technology for over 19 large websites, including Orleans Homes, SummerHill Homes, and Saratoga Homes. Lead developer for New Home Feed, a million dollar web application for home listing syndication. Managed over 4 developers and 3 interns.

May 2013 - Present


Microbe Modular

Technologies: Arduino / C++

Sole proprietor of Microbe Modular. Led a small, talented team in building two Arduino-based hardware synthesizer components. Created the concepts, wrote the firmware, and managed the business. Wrote extensive documentation for the Equation Composer. This is an ongoing side project.

June 2005 - Nov. 2005

Software Engineer

Jumpstart Technologies

Technologies: Perl (for Linux scripting), PHP, HTML

Developed and maintained customer support scripts for Jumpstart's email marketing platform. Re-engineered an existing but inadequate system for dealing with large quantities of e-mail bounces. Wrote tools for testing the status of over 2 million mail exchange servers. Continually configured spam filters to deal with high volumes of junk mail.

Aug 2004 - 2012

Web Developer / Personal Business

Game Beep

Technologies: PHP, Zend, Amazon S3 API, Paypal IPN API, HTML, CSS, JS

Developed an e-commerce site for selling digital content on consignment. Site features an automated content delivery system based on PayPal's IPN system and Amazon's S3 file storage API.

Feb 2000 - Sept 2003

Software Engineer

Digital Island / Cable and Wireless

Technologies: Perl, PHP

Solely responsible for large Service Level Agreement reporting system. Clients included Sony and Disney. System consisted of over 10 applications for collecting, parsing, and manipulating network performance data. Wrote detailed documentation, cross-trained employees, and worked closely with network operations.

1997 - Jan 2000

Software Engineer

Westgroup Legal Publishing

Technologies: Perl, Java, XML

Created applications for translating markup in legal documents to Westgroup's proprietary markup used for CD-ROM and WestLaw products. Lead developer on a text-parsing application written in Java.

Summary of Skills

  • PHP, Perl/CGI, C++
  • Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, October CMS
  • Javascript, jQuery, Handlebars.js, etc.
  • Some past experience with: Java, Scheme, Assembly Language, Pascal, Visual C++, LUA
  • Currently learning Angular.js
Web Technologies
  • Smarty Template Engine (including template inheritance)
  • SQL, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, SES, Route 53, and SWF
  • Basic Linux / Apache Administration
  • Basic Windows IIS Administration
Web Development Tools
  • Git, CVS, Subversion
  • Vagrant / Puphpet
  • Aptana Studio, Sublime Text, Vi
  • Firebug, Web Developer Toolbar
Other Technical Skills
  • Arduino Programming
  • Technical Writing / Documentation


1994 - 1997 | San Francisco State University

1990 - 1994 | College of Marin

Assorted Writing Samples

Example Projects

Lead developer on New Home Feed.

Lead server-side developer on the
Orleans Homes website & mobile site

Programmed all server-side and client-side code for SummerHill Homes new site.

Lead developer on Graphic Language's SmartEDIT website content management system. (defunct)

Sole developer of a Pinterest-like sharing site. Heavy use of Amazon AWS API.

Developer of Graphic Language's smartLEAD MANAGER, a lead management web application for builders.

Lead developer on Saratoga's new site. Much of the site is database driven.

Website / Github

Created an open source Arduino based modular synthesizer.


"Bret is not only an excellent web developer, but he's great to work with. He communicates well and works great with a team. As a designer, when I had a challenge that I needed input on, Bret always came to the table with ideas that improved the project (even if the issue didn't directly involve his dept). In addition to his technical background, he's a problem solver with a positive attitude and would be an asset to any company. If I needed a developer in the future, Bret would be my go-to guy!"

- Tessa Fish, Lead Graphic Designer, Graphic Language Inc

"As my senior at Graphic Language, Bret was a knowledgeable and creative Web Developer who always came up with brilliant solutions when the team faced complex system issues. His broad knowledge of web developments and technologies makes programming with him a lot of fun. In addition to having technical skills, Bret has been a great team leader and mentor for me and other junior web developers. I am very thankful to have him as my mentor. Thank you, Sensei!"

- Denny Setiawan, Web Developer, Graphic Language Inc

"I had the chance to work with Bret for several years at Graphic Language. He's been my mentor at Graphic Language and he taught me a lot of what I know. He is a really great person to work with, enjoyable, courteous and smart. He's the guy to resolve almost any problem and can bring new ideas to the table that will drastically improve any project. Bret is a great asset for any development team and I couldn't recommend him enough."

- Max Lepers, Web Developer, Graphic Language Inc

"Bret is an amazing web developer and his easygoing demeanor makes him fantastic to work with. He's extremely patient and is able to easily translate complex coding and programming jargon into terms anyone could understand and has even been willing to help teach me some coding tricks as well. He works hard at implementing the best solution for every issue that comes up. He is definitely an asset to any team."

- Teana Adams-Halford, Online Marketing, Graphic Language Inc

"I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Bret at Graphic Language. Bret is a fantastic developer, but more over is one of the most creative coders that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He consistently is capable of solving the most intricate problems and, even after 20+ years of coding, is always looking to better his own skills and his own code. He has a fantastic personality, is extremely patient, always willing to answer questions, and works with everyone on the team to come up with the best possible solution. Easily one of the smartest and most agreeable individuals I've had the chance to work with professionally."

- Justin Clemons, Product Manager, Graphic Language Inc

"Bret is a true magician with coding, and that alone is reason to recommend him. But what I like best about Bret is he can explain why something works, why something was done a certain way, and why the benefits of his choices will help clients. But it isn’t just explaining things clearly that makes him such an asset. You can put him on the phone with the CEO of a major company, a person who knows next to nothing about the web, and Bret can explain everything so clearly the CEO will leave the meeting having understood everything. I hope some day to work with Bret again."

- Robert O'Shaughnessy, Marketing Director, Graphic Language Inc

"I've worked closely with Bret as his project manager for over 8 years. Bret has been instrumental to our company's success, leading development and contributing to all of our products and services. He's a skilled developer, a strong communicator, and a great addition to any team."

- April Hrach, Project Manager, Graphic Language Inc